Job Details

Omaha, NE, USA

Job Title

Developmental Disabilities Learning Coach/ On Call Coach


High School Diploma


1 years of Human Services or In-Home Care

Offered Salary

$11.00-$13.00 Per Hour

Hey You Great Person! Yeah, You!

Do you want a career assisting individuals with Intellectual Disabilities (direct support) to achieve their life goals?
We are looking for a positive, energetic person to work from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Monday – Friday or 9 a.m to 3 p.m. Saturday and Sunday. We are also looking for people who can be ON-CALL.

If that is you please apply!

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Pay range $11.00-$13.00 an hour

Daily Programming
  • Provides transportation to and from activities;
  • Assists in the implementation of individual plans for individuals and behavioral plan goals;
  • Assists individuals in the pursuit of recreational, social and community activities based on their preferences and individual plans;
  • Assists and encourages individuals in the establishment of social networks;
  • Promotes participation and involvement in community outings;
  • Works all assigned schedules, including but not limited to: arriving and departing on time, requesting time off in advance, and notifying your supervisor of changes to your assigned work schedule.
  • Ensures each individuals’ rights are protected;
  • Treats individuals with dignity and respect.


Activities of Daily Living
  • Administers medications to individuals as assigned;
  • Observes individuals for any changes in behavior or health that may have resulted from medication administration;
  • Ensures individuals are dressed neatly and appropriately and are groomed at all times;
  • Assists and encourages individuals to care for immediate personal needs such as toileting, washing their hands, and eating;
  • Prepares nutritional meals based on individual needs and preferences;
  • Encourage individuals to assist in the preparation of meals and snacks as appropriate to their individual plan and behavior plan;
  • Keeps residence – both interior and exterior – and resident personal space clean, organized, and tidy and encourage them to participation in home beautification and upkeep as appropriate according to their individual plans;
  • Teaches individuals daily skills such as household chores, laundry, cleaning, and washing dishes, as appropriate according to their individual plan.
  • Must teach, train and encourage clients to be better versions of themselves.


  • Observes individuals for evidence of injury or bruises and evaluates for changes in emotional and physical status;
  • Reports any noted problems to the Residential Program Coordinator immediately and complete a written incident report form;
  • Reports all medical-related incidents to the on-call nurse and directors.
  • Staff must represent Remedy Road LLC in a professional manner to families, service coordinators, State officials, and community partners when required; Maintains resident confidentiality; Teamwork Makes! The Dream Work!
  • Treats all individuals and coworkers with dignity, respect, and fairness;
  • Provides support to other team members when individuals are having behavioral issues;


  • Valid drivers licenses
  • Must pass a background check
  • 1 years of human services or in-home care
  • Car insurance
  • A reliable vehicle
  • High school diploma
  • Basic grammar and math skills
  • Bilingual but not required
  • Free from drug use.
  • Good work history
  • Reliable references
  • This job description is subject to change at times of need.

Do you have high energy? Are you a positive person? Do you like teaching life skills? IF SO THEN WE WANT YOU! Apply Now!

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